Scanned Picture - JPEG Comparisons
So you want to know what DPI to scan at - This will show you more is not better!

300 DPI quality factor 40 - 356K

150 DPI quality factor 40 - 84K

72 DPI quality factor 40 - 20K

50 DPI - no reduction in quality - 43K

50 DPI quality factor 40 - 13K

50 DPI quality factor 90 4-4-4 - 11K

50 DPI quality factor 90 4-2-2 - 8K
All scans are done with Epson 300c using the TWAIN driver, all pics were given the same identical unsharpen mask and set to be displayed at same size by html code.
As you can see the file size is vastly different, the quality of what you see, on screen, is not.

Which would you rather do, wait for 3 minutes to see the picture, or 4 seconds?

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