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     No, ASC is not a non-profit organization.   So how do we make our money?   We make ourselves an extension of the Technical Service departments of the companies you already know and trust.
     Here's how it works....
     Let's say you just bought a brand new hard drive from Fred's Hard Drive Company.   All seemed to be going well during the installation process, but then something went terribly wrong.
     Now you need to get in touch with Fred's Technical Service Department, but it's 1:00am on a Sunday, and you don't want to wait until Monday morning to find out what the answer is to get your computer up and running.   That's where we come in.
     You see, Fred knows all to well, as does IBM and Microsoft that a real-time online chat-based Technical Service Department is far too costly for most businesses to operate, since there would most probably not be enough call to justify the costs in manpower.
     So how do we make it work?   You see, in addition to waiting for the occassional Fred's Hard Drive Company customer to log-in with a problem, we are also waiting for the occassional Microsoft customer, as well as Toshiba, Compaq, Hayes, etc.  
     We are paid a fee by the various manufacturers to service their customers.   This way, the respective companies can offer a revolutionary means of Technical Service, without the investment in Servers, Bandwidth Fees and Payroll.

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