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Setting Up a New Drive
by John ... aka wizardawg

Install the drive per instructions of the system and manual for the drive and make sure the jumpers are set correctly for master or slave.
  1. put the system boot disk in the floppy disk drive.
  2. power the system on and boot to the boot disk.
  3. depending on how the boot disk is set up or if its from the computer manufacter, you will either get an a: or an setup menu.
  4. at the a: prompt type fdisk and then go thru the fdisk menu for setting up an active dos partition. if your using fat32 select the full drive space if you want it to be the full drive. if not then choose the correct drive size you want. then escape all the way out of fdisk and then reboot the system.
  5. type format c: then hit enter. depending on drive size could take about 20 min.
  6. after the drive is formated and your back to the a: then type sys c:
  7. now copy the autoexec.bat and config.sys files to the hard drive, now copy the cdrom driver files over to the harddrive and then edit the config and autoexec and make sure its looking for the cdrom driver files on the c: and not the a:
  8. now type md hit the space bar and then type c:\win98 and hit enter, we just a made a dir on the harddrive.
  9. now type d: and hit enter then type copy, then hit the space bar and type the following command win98\*.* then hit the space bar and then type c:\win98 then hit enter
  10. now pull the floppy disk out of the a drive and then reboot the system.
  11. now you should boot to a c:
  12. at the c: type cd then hit the space bar and then type win98 and then hit enter.
  13. now type setup and hit enter and it will start the install of 98 on the system.
  14. if your using a win98 upgrade then part way thru the setup it will ask for the files for win95 at this time put the win95 cd in the floppy drive and tell it to look at the cdrom drive letter. it should find the files and then continue to install 98. if for some reason this does not work then you can go back to lines 8 and 9 and this time make a dir call c:\win95 and then copy the cab files over from the 95 cd to the win95 dir just changing all the commands from win98 to win95. then when it looks for the win95 files send it to c:\win95 and it should find them and continue the install.

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