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How to delete URL Locations from Netscape Navivator 4.x
  1. Click on start, find, files or folders
  2. Enter the file name prefs.js in the Named box, then click on find now
  3. Locate the file in the lower box (make sure to select the correct user name if you have multiple users setup), double click on the file.
  4. Locate the lines that look like this (yours will have different addresses)
    user_pref("browser.url_history.URL_1", "www.hotbot.com/");
    user_pref("browser.url_history.URL_2", "www.egghead.com");
    user_pref("browser.url_history.URL_3", "www.bid.com");
    highlight all of these lines. (Do Not Remove any other lines) then hit del key.
  5. goto the file menu, and select save. Close the editor
  6. Close Netscape Navigator and reopen, locations should now be empty
    You now have successfully removed the Netscape Navivator 4.x locations

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