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     ASC was founded by a small handful of "chatters", each of whom possessed not only a rather extensive technical knowledge of computers and software, but also the rare desire to share that knowledge with others.

     We at ASC know the scenario all too well.......There you sit, night after night....."chatting" away at the keyboard.   You do your very best to offer help to those fellow users that seem to be less experienced than you are.   To them, you are a lifesaver.
     Have you ever wondered if there was a company out there that would actually employ you to "chat" with others?   Well, there is.   

     ASC relies on the expertise and real-life experience of real people to help our visitors.   As an ASC Technical Support Representative, you can earn extra money and the respect of your peers through live interactive "chat".   
     ASC is not currently hiring, we do have openings for support room moderators, there is no pay, but you will have total room control. If you are interested send an email along with your qualifications, age, and name to support@adlines.com , a live online interview will be scheduled to complete the interview process.   Good Luck!

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