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Prices for individuals or companies placing classified ads
All Ads are 50 words or less.
Call for Business Rates and Sponsorships
Phone (770)426-7020 (hrs: 10:00am-5:00pm)

Category No Picture Your Picture Length Ad Runs
Cars & Trucks - free for individuals, dealers call! 6 months
Auto Parts *free *free 6 months
All RV's - free for individuals, dealers call! 6 months
Bargain Mall *free *free 6 months
Real Estate Mall
click for more info
$10 Add $5 until it sells
(must renew each 12 months)
The Shipyard $25 ** up to 4 pics until it sells
(must renew each 12 months)
Yard Sales free Map or picture
$5 extra
14 days
Phone (770)426-7020 (Hrs: 10:00am-5:00pm M-F)

To place as an send ad (photo) to:
Adlines, LLC
P.O. Box 1564
Kennesaw, GA 30152.

We accept cash, checks, money orders.
or for free ads email them to : Master Web Designer@adlines.com
Please put the Ad category that you wish to list in as the subject

** Add $10 for Adlines to your convert photos to digital (mail to Adlines)

* Requirements

  • You send an email or disk with the text ready to be copied into our format  
  • All free ads are 50 words or less, Real Estate and Shipyard are 100 words or less  
  • Pictures must be in the jpeg format (max size - 280x280 pixels) 

  •      We reserve the right to crop and size as we deem necessary
  • If you would like a picture and do not have one in digital format, send $5 for 

  •      handling and we will create the digital picture for you.    Pictures will not be returned. 
  • All ads will run for 6 months, we count on you to tell us when you have it sold!  
  • All ads must include State/city and price (vehicles must include mileage as well)
  • Please state the Adlines category you wish to be in. 
  • Links to Sex related sites or services are NOT welcome 

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    Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    (Standard Disclaimer)

    Photos should be 4"x 6" or smaller, we are not responsible for the quality of pictures. We will however, do our best to make them satisfactory in appearance. 35mm pictures are the best, Poloroids will work, but result in lower quality photos.You can have COLOR pictures for your ad!

    The law states that anyone that sells, buys, deals, offers for sale, or displays for sale 5 or more motor vehicles in a 12 month period is deemed to be a dealer, and must have the appropriate licenses the state, in which you are doing business, requires.

    Should you sell your car, truck or parts contact us to have your listing removed. this will keep you from getting unwanted phone calls, and will make it better for those looking to purchase.

    We are not responsible for the information provided, and make no claims of warranty implied or otherwise. If you should find a mistake in any ad contact us and we will correct it.

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