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MACKIE SR24x4 mixers for sale
(1) Professional MACKIE 4-bus mic/line 24 channel(20 mic/line and 2 stereo line level) with mutes and solos. All inputs are Mic/Line in with True logarithmic 60mm faders, 6 AUX sends, 4 stereo AUX returns, 2 mains and 8 sub outs. Also include ultra-high headroom/ultra-low noise performance, wide 4band EQ, pre/post-fader cue, control room and tape monitoring, talkback, balanced mic and line inputs. Low cut filter cuts out mic thumps and wind noise. Phantom power, balanced 1/4" or XLR main outputs, two headphone outputs, RCA tape in/out's. Like new condition sound reinforcement mixer serve as a live and studio console RETAIL PRICE $1599. NORMAL PRICE $1299. But for a few days - $1009 PICTURE--

(2) StudioMaster 16x2 mixer has 16 channels, each mic/line("). post/pre-faders with returns for both AUX. 3band EQ, stereo mixer with true stereo pan, a right and left stereo output(") with individual right fader and left fader for main outs . Also include Phantom power, headphone jack, RCA tape in/out’s for recording. $349

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