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What Are Stock Plans?
A stock plan is a drawing previously created, it might have been a custom design or just a plan created for sale. They allow the person looking to build a home, custom work at a fraction of the cost. Most of the plans here have previously been built.
** Always make sure plans conform to local codes, some modifications maybe needed

Who Is Residential Designs?
DeWayne Epley is. I have been in the home design business for 25 years, creating designs in 16 states. I also have built a dozen homes. For local clients I guarantee that anything I design can be built. If they have a problem I will come out and show them how to do it!

Why Buy From Residential Designs?
I think I have some of the nicest plans around. All styles all sizes. Great pains are made in designing to make the best use of materials. The plans are construction drawings to build your new home from. I think you will find these designs to be unique, well laid out and most of all cost effective!

What if I can't find what I am looking for?
I have about 40 or so plans onlne, I have over 300 designs, I am slowly adding them. If you are looking for something not found, email me, and descibe what you seek, I will check my other plans so see if they meet your criteria, otherwise custom work is always available. I do much work via net and telephone for custom designs! Call DeWayne Epley at (770) 975-7189 (EST) for more info on custom work.

What about Renovations?
I do alot of renovation work, taking older homes, adding additions or doing a complete make over of the home. I hope to document the next design of this type, we will be taking a 40 year old one story home and converting it into a updated 2 story design with all the amenities of today's new homes! Making something new out of something old without losing its character is art, and a great challenge, I find those types of challenges to be very rewarding

About the Plans

Residential Designs, founded in 1976, brings you the stock plans shown here, and available to everyone. These plans are copyrighted and no reproduction of these plans is permitted for the purpose of constructing or duplicating these designs without purchasing such rights.

  • Plans are copyright protected, and the purchaser agrees that he will use the plans for a single structure and guarantees that the plan or any part of it will not be reproduced without the written permission of the copyright owner. Plans are not to be resold or used for any other purpose than the single structure for which it is purchased.

    Working drawings can be purchased by printing the order page and following the instructions on that page. Residential Designs has designed buildings in many states in the Midwest and the Southeastern USA.

    The plans shown here were custom designed and in almost all cases have been built. When viewing plans remember, exterior siding is one of the easiest thing to modify. If the exterior siding is not the style you want, any builder, can put on the exterior the finish you desire. Great care has gone into the design of these structures, in making them as cost efficient as the design allows. Optimizing lumber sizes and other materials is very important in keeping costs in check. Remember if you can't find what you really want Custom Designing is available

    The working drawings include:
    All floor plans drawn to 1/4" = 1'-0", completely dimensioned and detailed.
    All elevations drawn to 1/4" = 1'-0".
    Basement or foundation plans drawn to 1/4" = 1'-0".
    Typical cross sections and details.
    Mechanical is not included. These should be obtained from a contractor in your area, to ensure they meet local code.

    Specializing in Custom Homes and Renovations

    Custom designing is available by contacting
    DeWayne Epley at (770) 975-7189

    comments can be made to:depley@mindspring.com

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